Two Indian families arrived in East Africa at a time when the British ruled much of the world. They started from scratch, helped build the infrastructure of the new nations they settled in and often fought for their freedom. But historical tensions and the color of their skin made it impossible for them to live there in peace. Overcoming many barriers, they fled to free nations all over the world once again facing the challenges of building new lives for themselves and their children. The author, a product of the union of two immigrant families, tells the story of his own turbulent life from a personal and historical viewpoint. He believes that every human being, at one time or another, has become embroiled in the tensions between race and color; that there is the potential for good and evil in each one of us, just waiting to express itself. This is a story of struggle and success, joy and sorrow, good and evil; a story of triumphs, trials and tribulation on four continents; of patience and courage; of love and despair. Ultimately, it is a love story- of the author’s love affair with his family, with Kenya, the land of his birth, with India, the land of his ancestors and the United States, a nation which gave him shelter, hope and courage and where brave, kind and just people live.


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